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Photographer, Jake Reinhart, with images from “Where the Land Gives Way.”

Photographer, Jake Reinhart, with images from “Where the Land Gives Way.”

qrtly|CRIT with Jake Reinhart • Feb 20

Jake is a photographers photographer. (Yes ! He still likes using film.) I met Jake when he took a couple of my courses at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. For one of his final projects, Jake presented the work as a photo zine. He uses photography in the following way to shape questions we may not have thought to ask. Using elements of color, light, and design, Reinhart brings to the two-dimensional page a three-dimensional dubiety. The collection of images are not looking for an answer but presenting the facts as he frames them. Like a good lawyer who knows the answer before the question lands in the ear canal of the witness. Jake knows that the light reflected off the photographs tell us a great deal more about what the viewer chooses to see rather than a lens into Jakes mind.

“It’s nearly impossible to escape nostalgia when you’re born into a region that is defined by what had been. The physical and cultural structures are built around the cycle of growth and decay, boom and bust, the fleeting moments of victory and the long wait in-between. The relationship of the past to the present is palpable.” (Where The Land Gives Way - artist statement)

Over the past few years, Jake has grown into an experienced artist publishing his own zines and the work of other photographers. His project “Where The Land Gives Way” was published by Deadbeat Club in 2017.

Some of the topics we hope to touch on, sequencing, selection of images related to the portfolio and learning from Jake's experience attending portfolio reviews and studio visits.

Qrtly: Crit with Jake Reinhart is an excellent opportunity for photographers preparing their collection for publication, exhibition or planning on participating a portfolio review soon. We are planning 15 minutes per artist.

I hope you can enjoy us for an evening of photography conversation and critical review.

Jake Reinhart (b. 1979) is a photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Born and raised in South Western Pennsylvania; his work is informed by the region’s history and often explores the importance of place in relation to the formation of identity and community.

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it’s incredibly valuable to connect one on one with a person so uniquely talented and inspiring as Richard Kelly.”

— Maria Palermo, photographer